Saturday, 4 December 2010

LOTR Ithilien

In New Zealand Amon Hen is only 4 km away from the land of Ithilien.
In the second movie Ithilien is where Faramir and his rangers ambushed the men of Harad.

here Faramir stood and wondered about the future of Gondor

This was one of the coolest locations, because you could visit and walk the actual battlegrounds where Faramir's men fought the men of Harad and defeated an Oliphant.

the battleground
we walked right through where the battle took place
You can also see the cliff from where Frodo, Sam and Smeagol watched the battle unfold. Fortunatley a walking path goes right past their hiding spot, so you can share the view they had.

up on this cliff the Hobbits watched the battle
 The view from the cliff is amazing: You can see the entire battle grounds and with only a little imagination, you can see the men of Harad and their mighty oliphants.

view from the cliff

Still not enough, following said walking track a little longer you come upon the place where Smeagol catched some fish for the Hobbitses.

tasty fish

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