Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Red Hills

On the way back from Jackson Bay, we discovered in our guide book a side note speaking of marvellous Red Hills in its vicinity.

We found the gravel road supposed to lead there and head the description saying that the road will simply end in the middle of nowhere with no sign of civilization. Leaving one with a primeval kind of feeling.

Our interest aroused we followed the gravel road for an incredible long time until it indeed just vanished into nature. The view was astonishing, we really looked upon a valley untouched by human kind. It's not hard to imagine dinosaurs wandering through that valley or some of those movies where a group of people discovers a part of the world where ancient creatures still live.

primeval valley

As far as our eyes could reach, no sign of humanity (except for the gravel road). Alas we did't make a panorama photo.

red hills

It's an exciting sensation to stand at a frontier like this. Who knows what this place will look like in the years to come...


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