Friday, 10 December 2010


Leaving the Riddermark we continued heading north. We had a ferry to catch after all. The path north brought us through New Zealand's second biggest city:


It's very easy to notice that you are approaching Christchurch. The lonely country road suddenly becomes busy and then multiplies its lanes. The solitude you are so familiar with by now is replaced by subtly increasing background noise and outside activity. Yes you are getting closer to a metropolitan area.

It's quite a change from crossing the country. Unprepared for the concrete jungle we of course got lost in the endless maze of intersecting roads with no landmarks, safe huge concrete blocks. On the other hand we could refill our tank, even though it was already way after sunset and buy some supplies in a big supermarket.

Christchurch didn't really have more of interest to us than that, also we needed a camping ground to sleep (something unheard of in metropolitan areas) and didn't have enough time left to spend another day in one place. Our ferry would disembark the day after tomorrow in the morning, and we still had quite a distance to cover. So after the gas stop and the supermarket, we asked our way out of the city going north and continued for a little while, till our eyes got heavy and we stopped for the night...

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