Monday, 13 December 2010

Wellington 2

And thus we set foot once more to the harbour of Wellington. It has been a long time, till we departed from right this spot to the shores of the South Island. We looked forward to spend another day in Wellington, which was still very fond in our memories.

This time we spent most of the day shopping, as we were still looking for presents for our families. While shopping we came across a fair trade store called "trade aid":

This seems to be a fair trade chain or organisation, as we encountered similar stores beginning with Gisborne all over New Zealand. It was nice to see familiar products we knew from our shared time at the fair trade store in Erlangen.

We also stumbled across a street artist writing on the tar with chalk. It seems he criticized both gender inequality as that parts of New Zealand still formally subordinate to the Queen of Britain.

Finally we also saw some funny advertisement from a pest-control company:

We spent the night again at Oriental Parade, but not before restocking our supplies at the local organic supermarket for a yummy dinner.

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