Saturday, 11 December 2010

Picton 2

After a whole day of driving we finally reached Picton on the eve of the 11th. Although it was barely three weeks, since we set found on the South Island here in Pictorn, to us it seemed like a year.

It felt good to reach familiar ground. Tomorrow we would enter the ferry a second time and cross the Straits to the North Island and be a bit closer to home by that. For the rest of the day we simply relaxed from the arduous journey. Thanks to our little South Island Camping Guide, we found a DOC camping ground right next to Picton, less than a five minutes drive away.

driftwood at the camping ground
it somehow looks alive

That's where we spent the night. It's a nice little camping ground next to the sea gripping inwards making the water here more like a lake, than the sea. There are some peculiar wood formations on the beach. Look for stones entrapped in the wood. It looks like the wood grew around the stones. But than... the wood here is dead driftwood, right? Driftwood can't grow, so it couldn't have grown around those stones. But there is no other plausible explanation either. Mysterious.
Also beware of the ducks! They are vicious and attack in packs. They will surround you, trap you and then help you god!

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