Monday, 29 November 2010

Takaka Hill - Te Ngararahuarau

After our adventures in the Abel-Tasman National Park we travelled further up south towards Takaka. There is a LOTR location near Takaka hill, and with Takaka being so close to Abel-Tasman, we ought to go there and look at it.

However on the way up the hill we made a random stop just before we reached the top of the hill, when we read a "Hawke's Lookout" sign. Little did we expect to find the shards of a mighty ancient lizard called

Te Ngararahuarau

The taniwha of Wainui Bay was a horrible lizard-like creature who thought only about devouring men and snaring women. He captured and enslaved beautiful Ruru, but she was too clever for him, lulling hi to sleep with powerful karakia and escaping from his cave. The people of Whakatu helped her set a trap, luring Te Ngararahuarau to their pa (fortified Maori village) and setting him on fire. He fled, and at the top of Takaka Hill tried frantically to dig his way home, but was consumed by the flames. His charres scales turned to stone, and were strewn around the hills, including the area known as Hawke's Lookout today.

And there they were. We found Te Ngararahua's scales scattered everywhere. The lizard-demon must have been huge. And like scaled they looked. It was like walking on the battlefield of gods. Wow.

one of Te Ngararahua's feet
At the end of the little walkway was the signposted Hawke's Lookout granting a magnificient view of the valleys surrounding Takaka Hill.

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