Sunday, 21 November 2010

LOTR Escape from the Nazgul

Escaping the busy street of Wellington lead us to a nearby mountain path. We headed for Mt Victoria, only a short walk away from Oriental Parade. But just when we thought to have escaped the rumbles of the city we heard the clapping of horse hoofs. Fear overcame us. We were being followed by someone. We thought to better run and hide. Luckily just then we came across a sign: Hobbit's Hideaway.

Then everything became clear to us. We were in the Outer Shire were the hobbits ran away from the Nazgul. The Nazgul must still be here searching for them. So we thought we'd better run.

Onwards we sped...

... looking for cover. Finally we found a big network of root, big enough to provide cover for us.

Later we realized we hid at the exact same spot as the hobbits on their flight.
When the sound of hoofs ceased we proceeded, however we avoided the main path.

Being still anxious of the Nazgul we didn't heed attention to where we were going and before we realized it we tumbled down a little cliff and ended up on a meadow where mushrooms grew. It actually was a feast of mushrooms and the footprints of other hobbits could still be seen here.

Thus we filled our pockets with mushrooms and headed back into the city. Enough excitement for one day.

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