Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Driftwood Art Contest

October was Tairawhiti Art Month and the event we didn't want to miss was the "Driftwood Art Competition". It was open to the public and the challenge was to create something out of driftwood down at the beach. We had two hours time and the event was moderated by a local Radio DJ. You weren't allowed to paint or use glue or string, but it's hard to do anything with driftwood without string, so the judges weren't too strict on that rule.

Have a look a the amazing crafts the participants came up with:

We assume it's the Eiffel Tower?

A Penguin! It won 3rd Prize in the category "Single - without children"

And this won 3rd Prize in the category "family - with children". It was called "fishing". :D

First Prize in the category "Single - withough children". It was called "room with a view". The artist said, he was just honest and tried to portray what every Gizzy does: sit at home and watch TV!

The artist started with the idea of a crocodile, but later modified it to Moko the dolphin :)
It won 2nd prize in the Single category. Moko was a friendly dolphin that stayed a while and regularly swam with the locals here in Gisborne (and Tolaga Bay, I think). But eventually it left the region and died about year ago (again, not sure).

This was called "Gymnastics in School" and won first prize in the family category!

It was a lot of fun! Beautiful weather and the beach filled with Gizzy families :)
Scallywag and I decided to participate but I contribution was so modest, it was overlooked by the judges!

Can you recognize our idea?
No? --It's a train heist!

~Bilge rat

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